Staff and Faculty Training

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Easy access to all of your online training needs.

Visit staff and faculty training

Some classes are necessary for staff and faculty to take to make sure that your college or work environment is up to date on the latest legislature and needs of schools and offices.

Staff and faculty training is a multi portal e-commerce, and online training website that allows you to buy needed classes and take them in one convenient spot. 

The classes can be bought individually or you can buy multiple vouchers for multiple students, employees, or faculty.

I created the layout, type guide, theme, palette, and provided UX consultation to the development team when creating the checkout, and class taking process. Also created the custom dashboard that you get when you create and purchase your class to provide easy access to all your classes and certifications. I also made all the class cards, background patterns, and any other visual assets used.

Check out some of the dashboard details here in the Adobe XD prototype.