Cyanna Redesign


Time for an update!

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Our team was tasked with redesigning the Cyanna website. Our objective was to make the process of starting a school a more friendly process that what currently exists.

I set out to create the environment using contemporary motion graphics and keeping true to the brand using the bright primarily primary palette previously provided. 

Motion, paired with slight parallax effects help create a sense of depth instead of the flat landscape typically seen lately.

Also created was a mini site called "Start A School" which we wanted to incorporate the same style, but let it breath on its own.

Each page was designed for our core users which happen to be around ~80% desktop, but we also made sure that anyone using their phone or a tablet would still receive a unique and driven experience.

Every design starts the same, on paper, and then evolve the process through a multitude of programs, and take it further with some light prototyping inside of Adobe XD, going through each page individually to see what can be templated and what requires a custom solution. 

I utilized after effects, photoshop, illustrator and again XD to create all assets, design, layout, type guide, and prototypes that were given to a developer who I was in constant contact with to ensure the end result was as close to the envisioned design. 


Start a School

from the ground up