Sultry Sundays I

Starting to get into this whole updating a blog thing. Need to post inspirations and work of friends and get some taste up in here, yomzane? So I'm takin a crack at it. Here is a first post showcasing some work of a friend Aaaron aka BleepBloop. A very psycodelic, mix mash, brain squeezing, color, shape,form overload of the most practical nonsense I've ever seen. With works ranging from live visuals to music videos using every medium under the sun, bleepbloop is pretty much the visual represenation of what dying and experiencing the universe with a mind you still can't understand why it was birthed in the first place, and then being reincarnated as an M80 only to explode in an explosion of pure confusion. So go check out his youtube page and slam on this bit of visual goodness.